The International Association for Promotion of Education and Training in Major Incidents and Disasters (MRMID) is a non- profit organization and the owner of the MRMI-courses. The aims of the association with regard to the MRMI-course are:

  • To continuously develop and evaluate the course
  • To give permission to certified MRMI-instructors to organize a course and secure that the pre-requisites for this are fulfilled
  • To support local organizers of the course
  • To approve and certify the establishment of certified international MRMI-centers, entitled to run courses without application to the Association
  • To secure the quality of courses by continuous quality control
  • To give certification to instructors approved in instructor courses

Membership is open for anyone, regardless of profession, who wants to participate in, contribute to, or support education and training of the response to major incidents and disasters. Membership can be achieved by application to the Executive Board.

The board of the Association includes:

  • Board of directors: One representative from each established international MRMI-center
  • An Executive Board, elected by the Board and responsible for the continuous administration of the association

Current members of the Executive Board (2017) are:

Chairman: Sten Lennquist (Sweden), e-mail

Vice Chairman: Boris Hreckovski (Croatia), e-mail

Secretary: Carl Montán(Sweden), e-mail carl.montá

Members: Bob Dobson (UK), Itamar Ashkenazi (Israel), Pedro Ramos (Portugal) and Roberto Faccincani (Italy).

Board-meetings and business-meetings (open for all members) are held annually.