The principles for organization and performance trained in the international course are based on a course-book written by members of international the expert group behind the course: Lennquist S (Ed)Medical Response to Major Incidents & Disasters. Springer (Berlin/New York, 2012. The book is also available as e-book and e-chapters. Since the course is interactive with a minimal number of introductory lectures, pre-reading is requested and is confirmed by pre-test as a request to attend the course. A student-manual for the simulation model can be loaded down from the website with a pass-word given at registration.

Description of the course

The course has a length of 3 days, one day of preparatory training in groups, followed by two full-day simulation exercise with all trainees active in their role. See below video and pictures from previous courses.

The simulation exercises are based on the MACSIM simulation system (mass-casualty-simulation). For detailed informatio about the system see

Scientific validation of the methodology

The accuracy of the educational methodology used in MRMI has been scientifically validated in collaboration with educational expertise in a prospective study on 230 qualified trainees from 23 different countries. The trainees´ self-assessed knowledge and skills in 19 different areas directly related to the course-objectives was registered immediately before (blue columns in the figure) and immediately after (red columns) the training. The difference was highly significant in all parameters.

Raised Image

Lennquist-Montán K et al, American Journal of Disaster Medicine 2015; 10(2) :93-107